Monday, 22 August 2011

Mmmmmmm, fresh!

I had an awesome weekend with the family :) Admittedly we were rained out so swimming wasn't an option but we made up for it by eating some really awesome food ( I know, a great trade off). Greg and I hit up Williams Coffee Pub for a quick bite before grabbing a few necessities at Walmart and I fell in love with my sandwich. Now, that sounds like a completre fat kid thing to say but until you've had this panini with goat cheese, provolone, portobello mushrooms and balsamic vinegar, you don't know what you're missing!

 My delicious sandwich... It looked so good I forgot to snap a pic before I dug in!
 What's tea without a blueberry scone?
 Another gratuitous food shot
Greg enjoying his Turkey Sammich

Now, onto dinner. My mom treated us to an amazing sunday night dinner which we haven't done in the longest time because of moving, time, life etc. but boy did she make up for lost time. It was simple but hearty and delicious. People should pay her!
 Lightly breaded chicken fried to perfection
 Hand made Cannelloni with homemade riccotta & spinach filling, smothered with home made pasta sauce (from scratch!) and fresh pasta noodles
 A pretty thing indeed
 Okay, ONE last food shot. Can't you see the steam rising? Makes my mouth water!

 And here's kiddo to steal the show (but I never mind it lol). God she's a mini version of my big sis.
"Fingers don't go up your nose!"

All in all, a lovely time had. It's amazing how much you can catch up on with your mouth full of food and eyes fixed on the plate in front of you lol. Looking forward to another one soon :)


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