Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Say Hello to Sammy D. Crochet on Etsy!

It's finally open and running! My very own little piece of Etsy heaven;
I've been crocheting like mad in between running around with 4 dogs under foot and trying not to spend a life's fortune at Michaels on yarn. Anyway, long story short I've got a few children's hats  posted along with a couple accompanying patterns. I've also got two cowls posted, one of which named for the coolest chica on the planet of whom it was commissioned by; Miss Mia :) So far 3 sales so I'd like to keep the momentum going!

 In the upcoming months I will be adding like CRAZY to my shop, lots of accessories, photo props, and house hold items and Amigurumi toys for kids of all ages so keep checking back. I post things with the philosophy that if you like a product but would like to make it yourself you can buy the pattern, but if you like an item but cannot make it yourself  you can purchase the finished item. In the mean time, I'm photographing all my items by myself, and while my Nikon (my baby) is more than adequate it just doesn't look the same without real babies in the items! So with that said, if there are any photographers out there who do newborn/infant shoots etc and are looking for some loaner photo props in exchange for photo credits and links to websites please contact me!!!

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